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The Essential Bags for Your Luxury Handbag Collection 

Here at BAGPAD, we have a true passion for luxury bags. Our knowledge goes beyond preserving bags in their best shape, we also love Louis Vuitton bags. From the Speedy, to the Keepall and Neverfull; we want them all!

Discover all the essential bags for your Louis Vuitton collection

From one of the most covetable designers and luxury handbag makers in the world, a Louis Vuitton bag is an eternal staple for any collection. Classic, elegant and packed with effortless luxury detailing, every bag in the Louis Vuitton range could be at the top of this list. The French fashion house has been designing since 1854 and the brand remains a leader when it comes to creating handbags that the fashion set just can’t say no to. 

Louis Vuitton started as a 16 year-old as an apprentice for Monsieur Marécha making trunks. This is where he would hone his skills in this highly specialised trade; designing artisanal boxes and trunks; that would later become a staple of the Louis Vuitton brand.

Discover four of the most iconic Louis Vuitton handbags - sizing, measurements, history, care and more. Everything you need to know.


Louis Vuitton Speedy



The ultimate classic, the Speedy has been on every Iconic handbag list since it was launched in 1930. Designed because of the increase in travel during that time, the Speedy is all about easy but luxurious style and compact design.

A smaller take on the LV Keepall weekend bag, the Speedy might hold the most options when it comes to sizes, the Speedy 25 being the smallest. A soft, less structured shape than some, the bag is surprisingly spacious, perfect for all your day-to-day essentials and finished with classic double top handles in luxe rolled leather. 


Louis Vuitton Speedy is available in the following sizes:

Speedy 25 - L25 x H19 x D15 cm / L9.8 x H7.5 x D5.9 in

Speedy 30 - L30 x H21 x D17 cm / L11.8 x H8.3 x D6.7 in

Speedy 35 - L35 x H23 x D18 cm / L13.8 x H9 x D7.1 in

Speedy 40 - L40 x H25 x D19 cm / L15.7 x H9.8 x D7.5 in


Louis Vuitton Keepall:

Keepall 45 - L45 x H27 x D20 cm / L17.7 x H10.6 x D7.9 in

Keepall 50 - L50 x H29 x D22 cm / L19.7 x H11.4 x D8.7 in

Keepall 55 - L55 x H31 x D24 cm / L21.7 x H12.2 x D9.4 in

Keepall 60 - L60 x H33 x D26 cm / L23.6 x H13 x D10.2 in


The Speedy bag has been seen on many celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, Angela Simmons, Naomi Campbell amongst others, and the Keepall is a beloved travel bag by Chiara Ferragni, Joan Collins and the Beckhams.


Keep your Speedy in perfect shape with a custom-fit LV Speedy Bagpad in range of different velvet colours. Bagpads for LV Keepall bags can be ordered here


Louis Vuitton Alma



Arguably one of the most iconic Louis Vuitton bags ever and certainly one with an instant heritage aesthetic and feel is the Alma. A structured and sturdy bag designed by Louis Vuitton’s grandson in 1934, fashion lovers have been choosing the Alma bag for decades. 

Named after the Alma bridge over the Seine, the Alma features a structured bottom with studs and rounded top with double rolled leather handles. The traditional luggage tag finishes each Alma perfectly. The smallest Alma is the Nano and the BB, while the PM and MM offer mid-size options and the GM is the largest, ideal if you like to carry a little more day-to-day or for traveling. 


Louis Vuitton Alma is available in the following sizes:

Alma Nano - L17 x H12 x D8 cm / L6.7 x H4.7 x D3.1 in

Alma BB - L23.5 x H17.5 x D11.5 cm / L9.8 x H7.5 x D4.7 in

Alma PM - L32 x H25 x D16 cm / L12.6 x H9.8 x D6.3 in

Alma MM - L36 x H28 x D17 cm / L14.2 x H11 x D6.7 in

Alma GM - L38 x H28 x D18 cm / L15 x H11 x D7.1 in


Our Louis Vuitton Alma Bagpads include options in four sizes, crafted in velvet or sumptuous faux fur.  


Louis Vuitton Neverfull



A bag that made it to the Louis Vuitton Icons list recently is the Neverfull. Launched in 2007, this spacious tote is the perfect solution for those who like to carry more than just the essentials. Ideal for every day, travel or even a lightly-packed over-nighter, the Neverfull features double top handles and chic laced sides, with plenty of space in the interior. It was first introduced as a seasonal bag to use at the beach, but quickly became an iconic bag that works in every situation.

The smallest Neverfull is the PM while GM is the biggest, making it easy to choose the bag that works best with your lifestyle. The choice of colourful lining also means you can personalise your pick to suit your style. 

A bag that will never go out of style, an iconic Louis Vuitton is the quintessential luxury choice. And for every classic style of bag, discover the perfect way to keep your new collection favourite in shape, crease-free, good and new from day one with a perfect-fit Bagpad.  


Louis Vuitton Neverfull is available in the following sizes:

Neverfull PM - L29 x H21 x D12 cm / L11.4 x H8.7 x D5.1 in

Neverfull MM - L31 x H28 x D14 cm / L12.6 x H11.4 x D6.7 in

Neverfull GM - L39 x H32 x D19 cm / L15.7 x H13 x D7.9 in

 Louis Vuitton Neverfull bagsPhoto:


Our Neverfull Bagpads include shapes for all sizes in luxe velvet or faux fur and a wide range of colour options. 


Louis Vuitton Capucines



Another even more recent bag that can be considered an iconic Louis Vuitton bag, with a slightly different aesthetic is the Capucines. Named after the Rue de Capucines in Paris, where the brand’s first-ever shop was opened, this sleek and contemporary model that was first released in 2013 has quickly become a classic.

The absolute epitome of luxury craftsmanship, the Capucines is a chic top handle tote crafted with simplicity at the heart of its design. Available in a range of sizes, discover a luxe full-grain leather with a single rolled top handle, finished at the single flap close with the classic LV logo in shiny hardware. 

Louis Vuitton Capucines is available in the following sizes:

Capucines Mini - L21 x H14 x D8 cm / L8.3 x H5.5 x D3.1 in

Capucines BB - L27 x H18 x D9 cm / L10.6 x H7.1 x D3.5 in

Capucines PM / New MM - L31.5 x H20 x D11 cm / L12.4 x H7.9 x D4.3 in

Capucines MM (old size) - L35.5 x H23 x D14 cm / L14 x H9 x D5.5 in

Capucines GM - L41 x H25 x D15 / L16 x H10 x D6 in



Shop the perfect Bagpads for the Capucines bag in black, sand and silver velvet here

Let us know your favourite Louis Vuitton bag in the comments below. 

February 22, 2023

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