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Storing a luxury handbag is the most important way to retain its high quality and timelessness.

Discover how to preserve the leather, shape and keep your handbag in the best shape for many years. This will keep the bag in good condition for many years.

1. Cleaning

    After using your handbag, the first step is to empty it of its contents and dust. You can turn the bag inside out if it is soft, and use a lint roller to get to those hard-to-reach places. If your handbag is crafted from hard-pressed, grained leather, wipe the exterior of the bag softly with a damp paper towel or an alcohol-free baby wipe. If it is made from natural or untreated leather, or if it is exotic or suede, then  dust it with a dry paper towel. For more serious issues, take it to a professional.


    2. Filling

    When the bag is empty and clean, it needs to be filled in order for it to keep its shape. Bagpad offers handbag shapers especially designed for all luxury handbags. All Bagpads also protect from excessive moisture, keeping the bag in perfect condition and odourless.

    It is also good to wrap exposed hardware (including buckles and zipper pulls) with a piece of tissue paper to keep it from making imprints on the bag over time.


    3. Covering

    Place your bag in a soft, breathable dustbag. If you don’t have one, you can use order a dustbag from Bagpad. Make sure that the dust bag is large enough so that your handbag doesn’t warp when it is stored.


    4. Separating

    Do not keep the handbags too close to each other, as the hardware of one bag touching another bag can leave marks. For patent leather, do not leave anything touching it as it might transfer colour to whatever is next to it.

    5. Handle with care

    We would not recommend hanging your bags as it can distort the shape of the handles and the bag.


    6. Storing

    If you have it, store your bag in its original box. Otherwise, line your bags up on a shelf in your closet. If the shelf is not tall enough, do not allow the handles of the bag to be pressed down — in this event, the bag should lie flat. Bags like Hermès Birkin and Kelly are best stored laid down. You can keep track of your bags by including a note with the name of the bag on the box or dustbag, making it easier to find your favourite bag.


    February 22, 2023

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