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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to swap out our winter handbags for ones more befitting the coming season. After a tough year, we have hope that springtime will bring new beginnings - and better occasions to show off our designer bags than trips to the supermarket. 

From triangles to candy colours, there are plenty of great handbag trends from the SS21 shows to get excited about. But first, we think this time of year calls for a spring clean. Part of that means properly storing bags that won’t see the light of day until autumn comes around again.

Below are a few popular handbag styles from last winter and some tips on how to store them properly so that they stay in perfect condition when not in use. 

Furry bags

Soft, cosy bags in shearling or faux fur were all the rage this winter - Chanel’s white shearling Flap Bag or Dior’s camel-coloured shearling Saddle Bag come to mind - but they’re probably not your go-to accessories for a picnic or trip to the beach. 

                                                         Photo: @imirenetj

                                                        Photo: @lauragrampa

When storing any type of fur or fuzz, make sure you keep it somewhere dry and away from humidity so that it doesn’t get ruined or frizz. Avoid plastic containers or bags as they can lead to moisture getting trapped in the material. 

It’s also important that the item can breathe so that it keeps its fluffy texture. A big enough dustbag is ideal for this, and ensuring that it isn’t packed too tightly between other things. 

Bagpad dustbag

Fill your handbags before putting them away so that they keep their shape, but be careful of overstuffing. Bagpad offers handbag shapers for all luxury brands - if you have one of the models we mentioned above, you can use our specially designed Chanel Classic Bagpads or Dior Saddle Bagpads. All of our Bagpads also have the added benefit of an absorbing feature to protect from moisture. 

Lastly, store somewhere cool and away from direct lighting so that the material doesn’t fade, dry out or crack. 


Thanks in part to Bottega Venetta’s instant hit “The Pouch”, roomy clutches made a strong comeback in AW20 collections. The trend isn’t going anywhere soon, but you might be looking to hibernate your darker coloured alternatives in favour of brighter and lighter versions better suited to the milder months ahead. 

                                                        Photo: @_____sui._____


Clutches and smaller bags are particularly susceptible to being thrown in a drawer or stacked on top of each other in a box, which can lead to mould, leather or PVC material peeling, rusting of metals, and other damage in the long term. 

Instead, make sure your clutches are filled like any other handbag (with our Bottega Venetta The Pouch Bagpad for example), properly closed, and stored side by side in breathable, lightweight dust bags out of direct sunlight and moisture. 

Bottega Veneta Pouch bagpad

Oversized bags

Giant tote bags stole the show this autumn and winter, with brands from Fendi to Tom Ford going maxi. And although big bags to carry all of our hand sanitisers, masks, and everything else we own are set to stay popular, you might be looking to substitute more winter-ready options and heavier fabrics for beach totes and canvas bags. 

                                                      Photo: @bagborroworsteal


Tom Ford bag in green


Big bags, especially unstructured ones, are more likely to lose their shape and sag if not prevented. This can also cause wrinkles and lines in leather. When storing, empty your bags and make sure both the inside and outside is clean. It’s recommended to wrap exposed hardware like chains, buckles and zippers with tissue paper so that they don’t cause imprints on leather. Stuffing your bag to keep its original shape is essential. If you need a specific size handbag shaper, Bagpad makes custom ones for any designer handbag, including vintage bags. You can store the bag in your closet, either upright or lying down, covered in a dustbag and ideally not touching anything else to prevent marks. 

Make your handbags last 

All handbags, no matter the material or size, benefit from being stored properly as described above. If you invested in a designer bag this winter or have a tried and true favourite you love, be sure to take good care of it so that it will look good as new when you want to use it again. Now let’s bring on spring! 


Closet with handbags


April 28, 2021

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